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Downtown Europe excels not only in its experienced and skilled team but also in its holistic approach to integrated communication and conference organisation. As Professional Conference Organisers, our capabilities encompass a wide range of services, including video production, photography, live streaming, digital innovations, and immersive live experiences. We also specialize in graphic design and can create customized logos, apps, websites, and registration platforms. In essence, we provide our clients with a comprehensive 360° conference management and development solution. 

Project Management

Our approach to project management for a conference, event, or congress involves planning, coordinating, and executing all aspects of the event. This includes budget management, venue selection, speaker coordination, marketing, attendee registration, and day-of logistics to ensure a successful and seamless event experience.

Secretariat & Support

Within our approach to event secretariat and support, we focus on efficiently managing all administrative and logistical aspects of an event. This includes attendee registration, seamless communication, document handling, and providing on-site support to ensure a smooth and successful event experience.

Marketing & Communication

In our strategy for event marketing and communication, we excel at devising impactful plans to seamlessly promote events. This encompasses tailored marketing campaigns, compelling content creation, digital outreach, and strategic communication to boost event visibility and engagement.

Sponsoring & Exhibition Management

In our approach to sponsoring and exhibition management, we are adept at creating seamless strategies for optimizing event sponsorships and exhibition experiences. This involves tailored sponsorship packages, effective exhibition design, sponsor relationship management, and ensuring a smooth exhibition process to maximize event impact.

Onsite Management

Our approach to on-site management at events involves meticulous planning and execution to ensure everything runs smoothly. We focus on logistics, attendee support, and troubleshooting, ensuring a seamless event experience for both organizers and participants.

Audiovisual, IT & Platform Management

In our strategy for audiovisual, IT, and platform management, we specialize in orchestrating the seamless integration of technology to enhance event experiences. This includes audiovisual setup, IT infrastructure management, and platform coordination, all aimed at delivering a smooth and immersive event environment.