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Cookie Policy

Updated - January 3rd, 2024

This « Cookie Policy » aims to inform you and to meet the requirements of the updated so-called « DTE » law and of the General Data Protection Regulation pertaining to the use of cookies by Downtown Europe.

1. What is the cookie policy and what is its scope?

You are hereby informed that when you visit Downtown Europe’s websites and other digital spaces, cookies may be installed on your device (computer, tablet or smartphone). We can also place cookies on emails sent to you or when you install software or a mobile application.

This policy introduces essential elements pertaining to the way in which we use cookies and for which purposes, but it is also an opportunity to underline your rights.

This policy is applicable from the fact alone that it is published on our websites. The latest online version prevails over all others.

It is not a substitute for Downtown Europe's clients and prospects’ data policy.

2. What is a cookie?

From a legal point of view, rather than referring to « cookies », the term « connection tracers » is used, or « any action attempting to access, via electronic transmission, information stored in electronic communications terminal equipment or to write information in this terminal », but for ease of reference we also use the term « cookies », which the majority of internet users understands.

In practice, cookies are used in different environments: websites, email, software or application downloads, etc.

A cookie is a small text file (IT file) saved, and/or read by your browser, on your terminal’s hard disk (desktop or laptop computer, tablet as well as smartphone) when you visit one of Downtown Europe‘s websites or any of its other digital spaces.

From a technical point of view, there are four different types of cookies :

  • Technical use cookies, which respond to an action on your part on the website, required for the use of a specific service or to access specific content.

  • Identification and customization cookies, which allow us to know you better and to identify you when you come back to the website.

  • Analysis and performance cookies, which allow us to track various metrics: visitor numbers, page visits.

  • Advertising or targeting cookies, which save data that make it possible to customize display ads to specific internet users.

From a technical point of view, many different types of cookies exist:  http cookies, « flash » cookies, « fingerprinting », invisible pixels or « web bugs », this list not being exhaustive.

3. What is the purpose of cookies?

Cookies have three main specific purposes:

Aim 1 –  Smooth service or services operation

  • Through the study of technical statistics that allow to monitor smooth service operation.

  • Through the identification of error messages providing a solution to any technical issues;

  • By ensuring the safety of user accounts (new authentication after a given amount of time).

Aim 2 –  Improving the user experience (UX)

  • Especially by improving the quality and speed of the user experience, for instance by automatically filling out entry fields on every visit;

  • By optimizing the functionality of the digital environment concerned or that of the various offered functionalities; 

  • By configuring the use of this environment according to its user to match his/her preferences, for example by memorizing his/her default language;

  • By studying cookie-provided statistics to continually improve and tailor the service to each user in order to ensure the best experience.

Aim 3 – Economic purpose

By displaying targeted ads based on the user's internet searches. For this reason, stored cookies make it possible to target the user to show him/her an ad that matches his/her interests (based on location data, if they are activated or based on previously shared personal data), they are also used for statistical purposes, for reporting on displayed ads.

Finally, cookies make it possible to monitor and report on the digital environment's activity: amount of daily connections, connected profiles, time profils connectés, busiest time slots, etc.

4. What type of data do we collect?

There are many misinterpretations about cookies.

Cookies are not “spies” that let us collect massive amounts of information or critical or personal information or to access confidential business data.

Cookies make it possible for us to collect the following, for instance:

  • Your IP address;

  • Your session or user ID;

  • The internet user's default language (and not his/her native language);

  • Location data (in some cases);

5. Who can access this data?

Access to the data collected by the company thanks to cookies is limited to:

Internal recipients:

  • Marketing/Communications Manager

  • IT Systems Manager

  • Executive Management

  • Other management as required

External recipients:

  • Advertisers or advertising departments

  • Online advertising businesses

  • Technical suppliers

6. List of essential cookies

These cookies are necessary for purely technical reasons for a normal visit of the website. Given the technical necessity, an information obligation solely applies, and these cookies are saved from the moment you access the website.

List of essential cookies

Name - Expiry - Content - Purpose

BIGipServerF2W-… - At the end of the session - A sequence of characters - Assigns the processing of the requests of a user to a server.

TS01448b0 (characters after TS… vary) - At the end of the session - A sequence of characters - Assigns the processing of the requests of a user to a server.

7. List of functionnal cookies

You cannot block these cookies if you want to access this website, but they are saved only after a choice is made concerning the placement of cookies.

List of functional cookies

Name - Expiry - Content - Purpose

language - 365 days (1 year) - Langue of the most recently visited page - On the next visit, you will automatically arrive on the homepage in the chosen language.

has_js - At the end of the session - 1 - Quick check of the availability of javascript.

8. List of analytical cookies

You can decline these cookies if you want to surf on our website.

List of analytical cookies

Name - Expiry - Content - Purpose

_pk_id - 28 days - Token id - Analysis of the website visits.

_pk_ref - 6 months - - Analysis of the website visits.

_pk_ses - 50 minutes - Session ID - Analysis of the website visits.

9. How can I see which cookies are saved on my device and how can I delete them?

If you wish to know which cookies have been saved on your device or if you can delete them, you can use a parameter of your browser.


You will find more information on how to do it via the following links.

Which cookies are placed for each browser

Firefox(link is external)Chrome(link is external)Safari(link is external)Internet Explorer(link is external)

Firefox (mobile)(link is external)Chrome (mobile)(link is external)Safari (mobile)(link is external)Microsoft Edge(link is external)


If you use another browser, you can check if the procedure for your browser is mentioned in is external).

10. Evolution of this policy

This policy may be modified or adjusted at any time in case of changes in legislation, case law, in decisions or recommendations from the DPA, or changes in custom.

Any new revision to this policy will be made available to users online and will replace the previous version.

11. Any questions on this policy?

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us:

Create Value With Us.

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