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Our Engagement

​At Downtown Europe we want to use our talents to make our business and society better. ​Ethics, Transparency and Human Rights are key elements to engage and are key challenges we face to make the event industry more sustainable.​

We Care

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Healthy Venues

At Downtown Europe we believe that your event doesn't have to be "perfect" or have only the best "engagement rates". It is equally important to take into account the health and well-being of your attendees. In creating unique experiences where emotions, encounters and community building are the keys to a successful event, we must also pay attention to the challenges related to our lifestyles. To this end, we are committed to selecting our catering partners and venues based on Healthy Venues criteria. Depending on your program we can suggest to include wellness moments for your delegates, promote active travel, remove sugar from food and drinks,... Together we can create a positive impact.

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Green Impact

As event organisers we have an impact on the Co2 emissions. 

To reduce our carbon footprint we are commited to work hard and it all starts with your events. What solutions are in place : ​​Use of local products , Consumption of Fare Trade products, Reducing travels, Reducing printing and paper consumption, Reusable bags for participants, Reusable badges,Source sustainable venues and partners. Downtown Europe has obtained the Brussels Ecodynamic Organisation label. We currently meet the EU Guidelines to organise sustainable events and we go further to meet the UN Sustainable Developement Goals (SDG's) that apply to Event Management.

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Event Legacy

We aim to help the organisations we work with to run events that contribute toward positive social change, inclusivity, gender equality, ... and have a positive impact within the host community. Your events have the power to induce original thinking, shape communities and transform people’s lives. Unfortunately, way too often, they can have a negative impact detracting from their potential to inspire and uplift. At Downtown Europe we want the impact of your event to be just positive. To achieve this goal we identify your social impact goals, we implement best practices, create a Event Impact Strategy and put the necessary solutions to measure the impact of your event.

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Talent Development in Africa

Before being Event Professionals we are human beings and we have talents. We are happy to support a great project called TTS Dev : Your Talent For Development . The aim of the association is to inform, train and promote the talents of young people in Africa, in order to favour their social integration and local development, to reduce the rural exodus and forced immigration attempts. Their objective is ​to give hope for a better future in one's environment, to accompany young people in carrying out concrete actions with a visible impact, to contribute to the reduction of delinquency by keeping young people busy and developing their skills through various activities. Downtown Europe's team helps with the organisation of fundraising events, event logisitcs, communication and strategy.

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