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We are Conference Organisers
and Engagement Enablers that build
communities to share knowledge
and create value


Our Expertise


A strategic approach to engage your audience

There are a lot of moving parts that must work together seamlessly when designing large-scale congresses or conferences. See your congress or conference as a perfectly designed platform where connections are formed, knowledge is shared, and like-minded professionals gather to experience everything you offer.​ We partner with you to manage all the requirements and complexities that make your convention, congress or conference the place to be for your delegates.

A 360° Approach to Conference & Congress Organisation

For over 30 years, we develop congresses, implement tailor-made conferences and events allowing scientific societies, associations and international organisations to share knowledge and build communities. With an acute care for dedicated approach, we propose innovative Conference Organisation solutions that make the difference. 

Our approach to the client for conference organisation starts from a tailor-made strategic consultancy which analyses all details and subsequently carries out the single event type: specific courses in the professional field (e.g. courses for healthcare professionals, Distance Learning for certifications and CME credits (Continuing Medical Education), congresses, exhibitions, conventions and meetings.

Together with the experience and competence of our team, one of Downtown Europe strengths is its overall perspective with a particular focus on caring for every single aspect linked to integrated communication and conference organisation: from the creation of videos and photo shoots to live streaming, digital innovations (AI, holograms, Metaverse) and remote training with graphics and the creation of an ad hoc logo, app, website and registration platform. We are therefore able to offer our customers a 360° comprehensive conference management and developement service, enriched by the expertise of our professional partners within the Europa Group network.

Our Vision

Our aim is to develop unique conference and congress experiences creating value for the community and the patients by driving the change towards innovation, sustainability and D&I.

Our Mission

Offering innovative, high-quality, efficient

and financially sustainable conference and congress management solutions for our clients who seek for a reliable partner who

is putting their needs at the centre.


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Recent Clients and Projects

BIWAC-SIZ First Joint Congress 2023

In-person | 400 participants | Brussels

The Belgian Interdisciplinary Working Group on Acute Cardiac Care and the Belgian Society of Intensive Care Medicine are delighted to announce their 1st BIWAC-SIZ Joint Meeting! to happen on 16th June 2023 in Brussels.

EMSP Annual Conference 2023

In-person & Online | 1.100 participants


The 7th EU-Africa Business Forum took place from 14-18 February 2022 in a hybrid format. The event brought together political and business leaders from the EU and Africa to increase opportunities for sustainable economic partnerships.

Belgian Heart Rythm Meeting 2023

In-person | 800 participants | Brussels

The Belgian Heart Rhythm meeting is an annual event which has been organised for 16 years and it aims to gather cardiologists of all fields around arrhythmias diagnostic tools and therapeutic progress in the field.

Our Mothership

Europa Group

Since 2019 Downtown Europe belongs to Europa Group.


Europa is a group providing support to scientific and medical communities in helping them with physical and digital events, education, publishing, community management, meetings.


Europa Group counts +600 staff across 2 continents, all committed to help professionals bringing their communities together. Europa Group includes 12 entities with multiple expertise to assist your community.

Europa Group

Contact Us

Avenue A.J. Slegers 397/2 - B-1200 Brussels - Belgium

Metro line 1 -  stop at Joséphine-Charlotte
Come by bike and we will store it safely

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