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We expertly organize congresses for our clients and actively manage our own co-productions, ensuring flawless event execution and client satisfaction.

Congress Organisation (PCO)

We excel at managing conferences and events of all sizes and scope worldwide for our clients, fostering engagement and building communities.

Conference & Event Management

We offer 360° communication strategies, delivering comprehensive solutions to our clients that encompass all aspects of communication, ensuring effective engagement and impactful results.

360° Communication

We specialize in sponsoring and event marketing, providing clients with tailored strategies that optimize sponsorship opportunities and elevate event marketing efforts for maximum value & impact.

Sponsoring & Event


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 We create value, ignite   engagement, and amplify 
impact for our clients and 
 their audiences. 

At our core, we specialize in empowering events, enriching communities, and delivering exceptional experiences that leave a lasting positive impact.

Rock-solid years organising impactful events.


Countries we operated in including 3 continents.


Unique events designed, organised and delivered.


Participants we gathered to foster meaningful connections.


For over 33 years, as Professional Conference Organisers (PCO), we develop congresses, implement tailor-made conferences, events and communication projects allowing scientific societies, associations and international organisations to share knowledge and build communities.

With an acute care and dedicated approach, we propose innovative Conference Organisation, Event Management & Communication solutions that make the difference.

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Our Expertise

Our Solutions

A strategic approach to engage your audience.

There are a lot of moving parts that must work together seamlessly when designing large-scale congresses or conferences. See your congress or conference as a perfectly designed platform where connections are formed, knowledge is shared, and like-minded professionals gather to experience everything you offer.​ We partner with you to manage all the requirements and complexities that make your convention, congress or conference the place to be for your delegates.

Your event is a brand we bring to life.

To cut through the tumult of today’s event marketplace, your event brand need to find its distinctive voice and communicate with purpose. Immersive event experiences, outstanding creative and meaningful messages unleash the power of who you are and what you stand for.​ We bring your event, congress or conference to life in the hearts and minds of your people to build your community, meeting them at every touchpoint.

Community interactions powered by
innovative  solutions.

We live in a digital world. A congested maze of tools, platforms & channels where organisations are constantly competing for people’s attention. Increase your understanding of your communities and deliver personalised engagement experiences, using the latest digital technologies to widen your reach.​ We offer you results-driven solutions & strategies that connect you to your target audience, capture valuable insights, and create a positive impact.

Flawless event management logistics that improves 


Event logistics is perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of event management. Whether it’s choosing an event platform and getting top-notch recording equipment for your virtual conference or picking the right venue and partnering with hotels for in-person congress, everything plays a significant role in the success of your event. Your flawless management of event logistics radically improves attendees' experience. We deliver technical and logistical support services to ensure the seamless execution of your event.

Outstanding administration for seamless events.

The accomplishment of administrative processes before during and after events is the best way to keep control of the operational efficiency and attendance experiences.  From small roundtable meetings to large-scale conferences, every event requires effective administration. However, dealing with hundreds of tracking processes at the same time is daunting, especially if a large team is taking charge of the tasks. To save cost and labor on administrative processes, we offer you outstanding event administration solutions based on our 31+ years of expertise.

Conference Co-Production as the Key to Sustainable Growth.

Adaptive organisations need revenue diversification in advertising, partnerships, sponsorships, exhibits, and media. Seize innovative ways to sustain your growth through new solutions, products and media that align announcers’ messages with your target audience. We take an innovative and flexible approach to identifying new markets, partners and revenue opportunities that maximise your organisation’s true value.

Masterful event marketing strategies that effectively target your audience.

Crafting and executing expert event marketing strategies involves meticulously targeting the right audience segments. This can be achieved through tools like social media analytics for understanding audience preferences, email marketing platforms for personalized communication, and event management software for seamless organization. Innovative engagement techniques, such as interactive mobile apps for live feedback and augmented reality experiences, foster a deep connection with the audience. These strategies collectively work to significantly enhance and enrich the overall event experience, making it memorable and impactful.

Abstract & Grant Management as Integral Elements for Event Success.

Developing and implementing sophisticated abstract and grant management strategies involves utilizing specialized software for streamlined submission and review processes, and employing data analysis tools to identify the most promising research proposals. This approach includes leveraging project management platforms for efficient tracking and allocation of funds, and integrating communication tools for regular updates and collaboration with stakeholders. These methods ensure a transparent, efficient, and effective management of abstracts and grants, leading to the successful execution of research projects and the advancement of knowledge.

Impact Pathways

Shaping a Better Future: Fostering Engagement with Institutions and Government Bodies.

Impact Pathways

WEC Awards 2023, Project, Conference, Brussels

Empowering Change:

Maximizing Impact with Associations

& Non-Profit Organizations.

Conference Organisation 2022, Project, Europa Group, Barcelona

Advancing Knowledge, Enhancing Lives: 

Creating Value with Medical & Scientific Societies.

Our Engagement

Our Engagement, Better Society, Business, Conferences, Event, PCO

Join us as we leverage our talents to drive positive change! Discover the initiatives we actively support to build a better world for business and society.

Our Engagement

Create Value With Us.

Financial Control

& Management

Event Marketing

& Promotion


& Consulting


Support & Logistics


& Innovation 

Organized for DG INTPA, under the EVENT2020 Framework, these high-level yet complex events, forums and missions extend our reach to Africa, Middle-East, Asia, the Caribbean, and beyond, harnessing the EC's influence on local economies, communities, and EU citizens. These gatherings unite diverse stakeholders, fostering discussions on global economic shifts, on peace processes and sustainable solutions to guide transformation.


Global Gateway Investment Forum GGIF 2023, Maputo, Mozambique, EU

The World Employment Conference is the annual gathering of the World Employment Confederation. It brings together more than 300 participants from all across the world to discuss the developments transforming labour markets and to reflect collectively on the solutions needed to steer this transformation in a sustainable direction.​

WEC - World Employment Conference
WEC Conference 2023, Project, Conference, Europe

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