Marianne Rygaerts

Managing Director

Marianne is Belgian with Mediterranean roots. Born under the large African sky, she knows no limits when it comes to understanding multicultural audiences. She studied languages and journalism in Belgium and created the company in 1991. Passionate and resourceful, she will guide you through making your event your best investment to reach your goal. She speaks English, French, Spanish and Greek.

Audrey Krzemien

Project Director

Audrey is Belgian who graduated in France. She has a degree in event management, tourism, and hospitality. Skilled in communication tools, she gained extensive experience by working in different European countries. She takes care of all aspects of an event in every detail, be it small-size or extra-large, and makes sure your needs are perfectly understood. Innovative and analytical, she will make your event exceed your expectations. She is fluent in French, English, and Spanish.

Chloé Drèze

Project Coordinator

Chloe is Belgian who studied event management and got passionate about the job since the start. She has the sound management of any pre-and post-event tasks. She can face any unforeseen circumstances with ease and wisdom. Reliable and dedicated, she will go hand in hand with you through all steps from registrations to event evaluation in close contact with your event partners and attendees. She speaks French, English and Dutch.

Elena Ciudad

Project Coordinator

Elena is Spanish who graduated in Belgium. She studied languages in Spain, and her interest for the European Union brought her to Brussels to do a Master degree in international relations. Passionate about events, she has built her experience organizing international congresses. Committed and meticulous, she will take care of the logistical aspects and communication of your event from A to Z. She is fluent in Spanish, French and English.


Katsumi Tanamachi

Assistant Project Manager

Katsumi is Mexican who graduated in International Business in Mexico. Life brought her to Belgium, with an interest in different cultures, she did a Master in Communication with a minor in multiculturality in Brussels. Her motivation to keep learning made her try the organisation field. She will listen to you and will do her best to cope with your event needs. She is fluent in Spanish, English, French and she is learning Dutch.

Marie Rouyet

Assistant Project Manager

Marie is French and is currently finishing business school. In constant search of learning, she has already gained some experience in event management.
What she loves the most about it: getting out of the routine. 
She will pay attention to every details of your event, from the biggest to the smallest. 
Musician and passionate about travel, she loves to discover various cultural specialties! She speaks French, English and Spanish.