Innovation is a key element of the future in our job. This assertion has often been heard, and at Downtown Europe, we believe in modernization and we aim constantly to innovate at each service we offer. Together, it is possible to implement innovations in your events, enabling to change the future for the next generation.

People are a source of inspiration

You are at the centre of our mission, we listen to your requirements, your concerns and your objectives to develop and implement outstanding events. This is how we innovate at Downtown Europe, by listening to you. We aim to perform better after each event and each year. Moreover, by working with a resourceful team of organisers and suppliers, it allows us to bring new perspectives and approaches to your project.

Participants and exhibitors are also a meaningful source of inspiration and ideas, since they are attending the event. And as we like surprising them, we do not offer the same event than the precedent year. According to their shared experiences, we offer them attractive programs, different venues or set up, new catering concepts, different visuals, etc.

As we are moving away from the unique idea of Big Data, we are looking into the realm of the Actionable Data which allows us to more personalise your event according to specific requests and needs: this Actionable Data provides event organisers insightful information given by participants themselves, so that we can serve them better in a more comprehensive way than before.

Let’s get digital, with e-products and e-transactions

Moreover, in a world where fax, mails and phone calls are declining but communication remains essential, new tools have been developed to share, communicate and hear from each other: social networks and other new channels lead to a notable improvement in the communication’s field. At Downtown Europe, we believe that social networks are a great support for participants. Indeed, they can follow the event at an earlier stage, have access to the latest news and share meaningful articles with their community. This can make a big difference to the event, and further extend its recognition.

Participants are using more and more their different devices while being on events. Consequently, whenever relevant, we advise you to consent to the development of an event application. In this case, participants can have access to the program and the latest modifications, they can vote and ask questions to the panels of experts, interact with the organising secretariat, etc. Moreover, the event application can enhance networking with their peers and colleagues. Last but not least, – and this is not a negligible part, the creation of a mobile application enables the reduction of our environmental footprint by printing less programmes and paper documents.

Given the environmental situation, we favour digital communication whenever possible. In scientific events for instance, we suggest adopting e-Posters displays. Besides being a gain of time and simplifying technical measures, it offers opportunity for greater interactivity among participants. We also send e-tickets and e-surveys that might be sometimes directly accessible through the mobile application developed for the occasion.

Since by definition “innovation” means the use of a new idea or method, events will be continuously improved each year and will never become outdated. Indeed, we know that this world is full of people, like you, who shake the world and who are source of beautiful ideas. Therefore, we do believe that innovation is the key of the future.

Let us work in unison to innovate your events!

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