5 Tips To Organise A Successful Conference

Its always a pleasure to make ideas turned into reality at Downtown Europe. Since its creation in 1991, the company has organised hundreds of international meetings for professional societies, delivering services to reach the highest level of quality before, during and after each event.

Here are some tips to successfully organise your conference (of course, this list is by no means exhaustive).

  1. Set the goals in collaboration with the clients:

At Downtown Europe, we are listening to your needs carefully. It is important to clearly identify your requirements and your questions in order to meet your expectations and to reach your objectives. We consider this first point as a key component of managing a successful event.

  1. Be available, flexible and open-minded:

Our team is easily reachable and will stay at your disposal to answer all your crucial – or not – questions. You will always be offered supporthigh-quality advice and the attention you deserve. Moreover, in the light of cross-cultural communication, you can trust our responsive team to run outstanding events by taking care of every single detail, valuing equally participants and considering diversity.

Concerning a more social aspect, at Downtown Europe, we are supporting an inclusive approach, and we are considering the needs of disabled people, allowing them to participate actively in events. We continuously seek to organise barrier-free events. Moreover, this inclusive approach concerns also the principles of gender mainstreaming during preparation and implementation of each congress, by adopting for instance gender and neutral written and oral formulations. We want that everybody feels welcomed, allowing everyone to share knowledge in a respectful and caring environment.

  1. Embrace an eco-responsible behaviour:

Given the currently environmental circumstances, we make a point of honour to embrace a more environmentally sustainable behaviour, and we know how valuable it is also for you. Being sustainable is not limited only to the printings, even if we acknowledge that it can already make a large impact. Bearing this in mind, special attention should be given to seasonalorganically sourced and fairly-traded products in order to reduce environmental damage and our environmental footprint.

  1. Respect confidentiality:

In line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we assure confidentiality of all information shared with Downtown Europe.

  1. Adopt the positive attitude:

At Downtown Europe, we believe that good mood is contagious; the adoption of a positive thinking reflects on the delivery of high-quality services. Indeed, we like each other in the team, we respect our suppliers and we pay attention to your expectations… After all, making you happy, makes us happy too!

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